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April 7, 2016 2 Comments

Did you watch General Conference last weekend? Wasn’t it great?

I look forward to Conference weekend with the same kind of anticipation that my kids have for Christmas. It’s a weekend where there aren’t any other obligations or demands put upon my family other than to simply enjoy being together and listen to inspirational messages that uplift and encourage. To me, the entire experience is kind of like receiving an intense spiritual download straight to my soul– one that keeps me going for the next six months.

This past week I was able to connect with the talented and lovely Stephanie Dibb Sorenson, author of Covenant Motherhood. Back in the day, Stephanie used to run an online General Conference book club on her old blog Diapers and Divinity. Well, I’m very happy to tell you that the GCBC is coming back, and will become a regular fixture here at An Ensign, Waving. If you’ve ever had a desire to deepen your study of the Conference messages, this is for you.


Here’s how it works:

Each week, there will be 1-2 talks to read, study, and really ponder over. As it happens, there are almost the same number of talks given in the four general sessions of Conference as there are weeks until the next Conference. A couple weeks we’ll double up on talks so that we can get through them all. On those occasions, the talks will have a similar topic or theme.

Every Sunday I will post about the talk(s) of the week, with my own thoughts and impressions. And anyone who wants to join in with me is welcome to as well! You can comment directly on the blog, or start a dialogue on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. (I’ll be using the hashtag #gcbookclub, as #gcbc seems to be widely used for other topics now.) If there’s enough interest, I’ll start doing a blog link up for it– so let me know if that’s something you’d be into.

When Stephanie hosted the GCBC, the talks from the women’s and priesthood sessions weren’t included for simplicity and time’s sake. But I’ve found over the years that some of the most pivotable spiritual lessons and moments for me have come directly from those talks. So I will be covering them as well on a handful of Thursdays in the coming months. You can choose whether to add these to your study or not. Think of it kind of like extra credit. 🙂

Below you will find a PDF of the schedule I’ll be following as we go along:
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 8.32.48 AM

Sound fun?

I’ll be kicking off the first post of GCBC this Sunday, April 10th with President Henry B. Eyring’s address Where Two or Three Are Gathered. I’d absolutely love for you to join me.

See you there!



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    April 7, 2016

    I love this idea! Count me in!

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      April 8, 2016

      Yay! Awesome, Kyla! 🙂


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