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Well, three months have come and gone in the blink of an eye. This year has proven to be quite the roller coaster ride for our little family, but we are still standing strong. I must have written at least a dozen posts in my head over my blogging hiatus; perhaps some of them will make their way here in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I thought jumping back in with a Five Things post would be a good way to catch up a little on all the goings-on here.

– one –
Getting tested for Celiac disease with some help from Dora
As crazy as I thought last year was with all of Reilly’s health issues, this year has been even more intense.
There has not been a single child excluded from our medical smorgasbord this year. Lots of stress, lots of worry. Thankfully, most concerns have turned out to be less serious than initially thought or have resolved somewhat with some dietary adjustments here in the home.
I have done a lot of researching, reading, pondering, and praying. I have learned much about different schools of thought when it comes to diet and healing. It is amazing to me how the body can heal itself when given the proper tools through appropriate nourishment.
Currently, we are trying to work our way through sensory processing disorder, likely gluten intolerance, and kidney reflux.
Excited about her “hospital dress”
Just a couple of weeks ago we took Dani up to Primary Children’s in Salt Lake to have her tested for kidney reflux. She was showing similar symptoms like Reilly had when she was first diagnosed– and statistically she had a very decent chance of having the same condition as it is genetically linked. Fortunately for all of us, the test results came back negative.
While I wish we had some answers as to why she was experiencing so much pain, I am grateful that I don’t have to worry about her having the same health issues as Reilly.
Hopefully her symptoms will not return.
– two –

I’ve been thinking a lot about this post that I wrote back in December of last year. It resonates even more with me now that it did then.
In our culture, it seems that we typically interpret [the] phrase “endure to the end” as one of those necessary evils of life… ‘Endure’ is synonymous with pain, difficulty. Just thinking about it makes people tired.

Coming from an athletic background, this take has always intrigued me a little.

I swam competitively for over ten years, and coached for many, many more afterward. Being that I am decidedly short and curvy, I myself have never been praised for my natural sprinting abilities. I simply don’t have the physical attributes necessary to succeed against a competitive field of Missy Franklin look-alikes. But the endurance events, ah! That’s where I finally was able to find my niche. 

Which leads me to this important thought:

In athletics, endurance is not a bad thing.  
To the contrary, it is something to strive for. 
Also in that post, I wrote about Bryson’s and my friend Jarom, who is an ultra-marathoner and works with recovering addicts. Well coincidentally enough, KSL did a fabulous piece on him this last week and I thought I’d share it here. (Click on Sunday Edition: Segment 2, or for a shortened version with text click here.) It’s well worth your time.
– three –
It never fails to amaze me how God can speak words of encouragement to our hearts if we only open our eyes to see and ears to hear. Lately a little tender mercy has been inserted into my days through this song:

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this song has been the first or second song that comes on the radio every time I have gotten in my car at the beginning of the day for the last couple of weeks– at least 80% of the time. It helps remind me to keep everything in perspective and to know that I am never alone.

– four –

Lately, I am really enjoying studying the words of Elder Richard G. Scott– specifically his writings on personal revelation and the Holy Ghost, and Sister Patricia T. Holland. If you haven’t read Sister Holland’s book A Quiet Heart, you must, you must, you must! It’s on a very short list of books I re-read every year. I’ve been working my way through it again this month and will probably write some more about some of the insights I’ve gleaned from her wisdom this time around.

Some links I highly recommend:

“To Acquire Knowledge and the Strength to Use it Wisely,” Elder Richard G. Scott (video here)
“How to Obtain Revelation and Inspiration for Your Personal Life,” Elder Richard G. Scott
“Be Renewed in the Spirit of Your Mind,” Sister Patricia T. Holland (video here)
“The Soul’s Center,” Sister Patricia T. Holland (video here)
“What Time is This?” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland & Sister Patricia T. Holland (video here)

– five –

And…. just because I can’t resist the cuteness:

This little guy makes me laugh every day.

• • •

And those are my Five Things for the week!
Thanks for hosting the regular blog hop, Heather. Best wishes to you and yours.



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