You Can Never Have Too Many Apples… I Think

November 6, 2008 2 Comments

There is a reason these posts have taken a bit of a hiatus…

It is because, apparently, I am a glutton for punishment. You would think that one 38-lb. box of apples would be more than enough to satisfy any fruit-crazed individual… But fate found the kids & I back at the Big Red Barn again.

We had come to get a small bag of apples to bring to Taylor’s preschool class Halloween party. It was supposed to be a simple in & out procedure. Get in, get the apples, and leave before some kitchen-crazy idea entered my head. Trouble is, it rarely works out that way for me. We got into the crisper and I noticed that the Jonathan supply was alarmingly low. Thinking of all the goodies I hoped to put up this autumn, I grabbed another box instead. Another 38 lb. box. I have no idea what I was thinking.

On our way out the door we also grabbed a bag of apple cider doughnuts– sugary, apple-y, fatty goodness that is probably sinful to some degree. You know, to make me feel better about the 76 pounds of apples now waiting for me to put up. Man, were those doughnuts good.

So this week has been spent swimming in apples. Bryson helped me get a large batch ready to dry on our handy-dandy dehydrator by peeling/coring/slicing the apples on our fantastic contraption that does all 3 chores at once. (That wonderful man, boy I tell you…) Yesterday was applesauce day, and I put up several quarts of that pink ambrosia. I am hoping to get some apple chutney made before too long as well… and maybe some apple pie filling? Hmmmmm….



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    November 10, 2008

    Ok, I seriously want one of those donuts so bad! I’m not big on fruit (I know, bad me) but you put it in a donut and I’m all over it!

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    peanut gallery

    November 13, 2008

    You are my kitchen idol. Seriously!


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