Lead Me, Guide Me

November 3, 2008 1 Comments

Sitting through church with two toddlers is always an interesting experience. Please note the use of the term “interesting,” and not other adjectives such as “peaceful,” “devotional,” and “worshipful.”

I cannot remember the last time I was able to sit in the chapel and truly drink from that spiritual fountain without some form of interruption. Bryson & I try to encourage Taylor & Reilly to think about Jesus, particularly when the sacrament is being passed– we read books with them, quietly sing songs they have learned… But to be honest, you never really know what lessons are being retained, and what is lost in translation.

A couple Sundays ago our little family was engaged in the ongoing reverence struggle. Taylor & Reilly were arguing over, well, pretty much anything they could find cause for. I pulled Taylor close to my side and quietly starting singing “I am a Child of God” to him, hoping that it would calm him down and help him grasp a moment’s focus on the purpose of our church attendance.

Thankfully (heavens be praised) Taylor was quiet for a few moments, even thoughtful. The sacrament was being passed. I was basking in the peaceful quiet when suddenly Taylor loudly blurted out, “Mom, I’m a child of God.” A quiet ripple of laughter ran through some of the neighboring pews. Looking over at my little boy, I too had difficulty keeping a straight face.

But then I saw the sincere look on his face.

I hugged Taylor close and reassured him, “Yes, Taylor, yes you are. And He loves you so very much!

“I have said, ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” – Psalms 82:6


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    Anisha Hill

    November 6, 2008

    That is so precious!!!


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