October 29, 2008 1 Comments

I love history. I think we, as a culture, place way too much importance on the here and now and forget to pay the past the respect it’s due. In particular, I love learning about my own family history. For a few years now I’ve been collecting stories, artifacts– things to compile and cherish so I can better teach my own children where they fit in the interconnected weave of generations past and present.

Last week I was lucky enough to inherit this bureau from my aunt, who was nice enough to think of me when she decided it needed a new home. As you can see, it needs a little TLC to get it back to its gorgeous self, but I am absolutely ready to get to work.

This dresser belonged to my Great Grandmother. It was given to her by my Great Grandfather just after World War I.

I am completely in love with it.

I think sometimes that this crazy fast-paced world we live in leads us to believe that newer, faster, bigger is always better. But I disagree.

October 29, 2008


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    October 30, 2008

    It’s beautiful! I hope you post a picture when it’s all done.


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