A Girl of Many Words

October 28, 2008 0 Comments

I remember going in for Reilly’s two-year checkup recently and the physician asking if she was now speaking in two-word sentences. I almost began laughing out loud because Reilly, despite being quite small for her age, has quickly developed the uncanny ability to speak clearly and articulately. Bryson even taught her to say that word– “Articulate.” It makes me giggle every time she says it.

Now just the other day Bryson was lounging on the sofa reading a novel– feet up on the furniture, his brown loafers resting casually on the carpet below. Enter Reilly, the big shoe lover of our household. She walks over to her daddy’s shoes, puts her little feet into the soles and says…

Daddy’s shoes? No.
Big shoes? Not exactly.

What this little two year old exclaims is– no exaggeration– “These are the biggest shoes I have ever seen!”

Bryson & I just stared at her for a moment, then looked at one another and started cracking up with laughter. And this is one of the highlights of my day… looking forward to what interesting things will come out of my princess’s mouth. Could life get much sweeter?

October 28, 2008



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