Jalapeño Girl

October 25, 2008 1 Comments

With all the salsa-making occurring in our home lately, our kitchen has been a treasure trove of produce. As I was cleaning up for the day, I noticed something rather strange… a half-eaten jalapeño pepper. Not merely sliced, mind you– this pepper had an enormous bite taken out of it. I asked Bryson about it, and he seemed as perplexed as I was. The next morning I asked Taylor and Reilly about the mysterious jalapeño. Having eliminated one suspect already, I was pretty certain of the secret pepper eater’s identity, as Reilly eats everything and Taylor eats nothing.

Me: Taylor, Reilly, do you know who ate this pepper?
Taylor: No.
Me: Reilly, did you eat this pepper?
Reilly: Yes. (joyfully) My pepper!

Reilly then proceeded to pick up where she left off, munching on the pepper as if it were an apple. Seeds, membranes, the whole enchilada. Apparently she takes after her southwestern-bred Grandma. 🙂 We love our little girl!
October 25, 2008


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    October 25, 2008

    Oh my goodness! That is so funny. I cannot even eat those things raw and I ‘like’ spicy food. What a cutie!


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