Reaching Salem

June 9, 2008 0 Comments

With the arrival of June, thoughts in our neck of the woods turn to the Salem Spring Triathlon. A sprint tri, it consists of a 750 meter swim (1/2 mile), 20K bike (~12.5 miles), and 5K run (3.1 miles). Since the new year I had been brainstorming various punishing ways to whack myself back into shape, and training for a triathlon seemed to be just the ticket. Back in the day I used to be a fairly decent swimmer, and when I was in high school I did a super sprint with a girlfriend of mine. But 15 years and two complicated pregnancies later, well, let’s just call a spade a spade and say that I was seriously overweight and totally unhealthy.

This is a picture of Bryson (DH) and I at my worst back in 2006. I was two weeks post-partum, and still dealing with issues from toxemia (preclampsia). Pregnancy, so far, does not appear to agree with my body. I gain weight rapidly despite a controlled diet, my blood pressure increases, and I become a swollen monster. I am hoping if we decide to try for no. 3 here in the near-ish future that the cliché will hold true & it will be “the charm.”
By the beginning of 2008 I had lost most of the weight, but still was feeling terribly unhealthy. I had always been athletic growing up, and wanted to regain that part of my life. I swam competitively for over ten years, and coached in the sport for another nine years after I had hung up my goggles. I wanted to get back in the water.
Now, to add to the mix, I have a great brother-in-law named Chris that is seriously hard core when it comes to athletics. He does triathlons, century rides, road races… a little bit of everything. At the time I was in the process of goal setting he was training for the Napa Valley Half Ironman. He was the one that finally convinced me that I could conquer Salem. And so the training began… and I fell in love with competitive sport again. This past weekend I crossed the finishline in style, even beating Bryson in the process! Although I don’t expect that will happen again… I think I’ve ignited the competitor in him just a bit! ; )

This is our crew at the finishline at the Salem Spring Tri– Matt, Bryson, me, & Chris. It was a great experience. Despite the cold and rain that shortened the event (bike was cancelled, swim changed to 500 meters) I was really proud of myself. I have found that by finding the time to doing this for myself that I have the strength and energy to give more to my family. In addition, I feel more balanced, more whole as a person. I have found a new passion, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!!!!! ♥



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