• Lead Me, Guide Me

    November 3, 2008

    Sitting through church with two toddlers is always an interesting experience. Please note the use of the term “interesting,” and not other adjectives such…

  • And I Get Candy for Me?

    November 1, 2008

    Taylor: Mom, are we going to go trick-or-treating?

    Me: Yes, we will go today!

    Taylor: TODAY?!?!?!?!?!?! At my school?

    Me: No, not at school… Here at the…

  • Jacky Lanterns

    October 31, 2008

    Today Bryson came home early to carve pumpkins with the kids. “Jacky lanterns,” as they call them. And so we stripped Taylor down to…

  • Heirloom

    October 29, 2008

    I love history. I think we, as a culture, place way too much importance on the here and now and forget to pay the…

  • A Girl of Many Words

    October 28, 2008

    I remember going in for Reilly’s two-year checkup recently and the physician asking if she was now speaking in two-word sentences. I almost began…

  • Me and My Shadow

    October 27, 2008

    This morning I was getting a few things done upstairs when I heard Taylor in the hallway having this one-sided conversation:

    Taylor: Hi! … I’m…

  • A New Calling

    October 26, 2008

    Shell Shocked. Truly, there are no other words to describe how Bryson and I have felt for the past few days as we have…

  • Jalapeño Girl

    October 25, 2008

    With all the salsa-making occurring in our home lately, our kitchen has been a treasure trove of produce. As I was cleaning up for…

  • Lincoln Is Our Friend

    October 23, 2008

    Taylor: Mom! There’s a temple on my penny!

    Me: Actually, it’s not a temple, it’s a special place called Lincoln Memorial. They built it for…